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Exotic Morocco full of magic

During your next visit to the EPCOT, be certain to travel to the exotic pavilion of Morocco. Morocco was one of the initial pavilions opened back in 1984 for the EPCOT World Showcase and it carries the magic of this far away land. Jasmine and Aladdin are you near…? Morocco offers three dining options and several shopping destinations, not to mention just enjoying the beautiful mosaics and historical information.

Restaurant Marrekesh, Spice Road Table, and Tangierine Cafe offers full menus of affordable and incredible flavors from appetizers, to full meals, to savory desserts from the region.  Click above on their names to see the full menus.

There is a variety of are indoor and outdoor seating available throughout the pavilion.


You will also conveniently find a bathroom facility off to the right.

There are several market areas with clothing, jewelery, pottery and fantastic items for keepsakes.

Morocco is unique in that it is the only pavilion in which the government of the Kingdom of Morocco worked directly with the Disney Imagineers to design and complete. King Hassan II sent advisors and artisans, creating the various mosaics throughout the pavillion. With respect for the religious signifigance of the buildings and mosaic designs, it is one of the few pavillions in the World Showcase not illuminated during the nightime fireworks display.

Be certain to check it out on your next visit, and share with us your experiences.

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10 thoughts on “Exotic Morocco full of magic

  1. Morroco is my favorite destination in Epcot. It almost feels like being there (well, kind of). We have family in Orlando so we have been to Disney many times. We ate dinner in Morroco when my son was about two years old. When the belly dancer came out and performed, Christopher was mesmerized. He stood at the edge of the dance floor in a trance. It’s a great memory.
    I have also traveled to the real Morrocco. It was even more exotic than I imagined it would be.

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    1. We are excited because we will be there next weekend! Pictures will definitely be posted! So glad you traveled to Morocco, how exciting! And memories are wonderful, I was looking at pics of our kids as they grew up last night. Made me smile and cry! 🙂 Jen


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