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Memories Planted Everywhere

It has been seven years since my Dad passed away.  He is in my thoughts quite often. Remembering times past together, and the wonderful things he did for our family. I try as often as we can to visit my Mom to spend time with her and to help out around the house. This house… Continue reading Memories Planted Everywhere


Chicken & Cheese Slow Cooker Tacquitos

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I am tired. We are coming up on the end of September and I am exhausted already. How am I going to make it to June? We had my son’s annual Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting this week. I was a bit concerned about it as they…

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Vibrant Life at a Small Level

Sometimes I fail to fully appreciate all the tiny flowers and insects that are in the surrounding environment. Walking around Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom provides plenty of opportunities to view this vibrant life at a small level. A symbiotic relationship for both the butterfly and flower Rich colors and textures in compact sizes Disney… Continue reading Vibrant Life at a Small Level

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Relax & Enjoy Chicago on the “L”

The Chicago Transit Authority “L” provides quick, easy and affordable traveling to all commuters and adventurers for over 102 miles. There are curently eight lines running throughout Chicago utilizing colors to indicate the locations and areas serviced.  They include the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and pink lines. Some provide 24-hour service, some… Continue reading Relax & Enjoy Chicago on the “L”