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Walt Disney World Grand From All Perspectives

The Grand Floridian makes a girl feel like a princess!!! Located in Walt Disney World on Seven Seas Lagoon, this first class resort is an incredible adventure.

CIMG1026.JPGThis is a “Welcome back from a full day of play”door as you enter from the pool or the boats. You have a pretty place to rest your feet. Then you walk in to the grand room.Disney 050209 115.jpgOr spectacular room! The Pianist might be playing. Or the Orchestra, on an upper level, might be performing. There are couches and chairs placed beautifully around. Make sure to look up. Disney 050209 167.jpgSeeing a bride walk through is in a word,Grand. Ok,two words! Grand and Breathtaking. Like time is froze,there is a hush as all eyes are on her. She might be taking Cinderella’s Coach pulled by  six white ponies to the Wedding Chapel.Disney 050209 174.jpgA yacht for your luxurious cruise is waiting on the Seven Seas Lagoon.img_20140321_205805_854.jpgVisit the different levels for shops,restaurants,and spa treatment. At Christmas, they have a Gingerbread House, and you might see little one’s shopping there for family gifts. Disney 050209 235.jpgYou can not help but relax! Take time to enjoy the sun,two pools,fitness center,and beautiful flowers.Disney 050209 170.jpgAfter a day of rest and play,dress up for a fancy dinner.  Then take the monorail from the entrance of The Grand Floridian to enjoy your evening at one of the parks. Or just stay at the Grand Floridian and watch the fireworks across the lagoon. What a Magical time!

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