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Marine Week Nashville – Part 1 of 3

The Marines Have Arrived is the appropriate title on the United States Marine Corps official website.  This year starting  September 7, 2016 and running till September 11, 2016 the city of Nashville has the honor to spend time with over 800 Marines and sailors.



The week is an opportunity to learn about the USMC history and heritage.  To honor those who have served our country in times past and those currently serving. It provides the community a chance to see many of the special equipment, weapons and training our men and women utilize.



All will be on display downtown in Riverfront Park with amphibious vehicles landed over at the East bank landing area.  There are various demonstrations throughout the day and plenty of opportunities to interact.  There is no cost for admission, but parking downtown may be a consideration.




8.JPGThis is the first of a three part story about Nashville’s Marine Week. Be certain to check them all out and take time to remember these incredible heroes!

Plan to attend and see how our Marines work to be America’s Expeditionary Force in readiness.

Click here for the website video. 

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