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Christmas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Christmas time is very special time of the year.  The thoughts of our Savior’s birth and all the excitement from the gift giving holiday season.  A very magical way to enjoy Christmas time is to spend a day or evenings at Walt Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge.


The majestic beauty of a six floor Christmas tree adorned with beautiful decorations unique to the western theme!


Holiday wreathes with their lights aglow.  Antlers surrounded by gold balls, red poinsettias, green tree stems, and brown pine cones.


It is hard not to get caught up in a little holiday fun yourself!


Corridor wall mounted owl lanterns glow when adorned with the colors of the season.


Take time to relax in one of the many comfortable chairs and enjoy the splendor.

2013-12-30 09.16.13.jpg

We should always keep in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season.  Spending a day or a week at the Wilderness Lodge will be a very memorable part of your holidays!

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