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Welcoming Jasmine

If you have followed any of our earlier blogs,you might recall a different fur ball we were raising? Kenda was our Great Pyrenees. My words,”Were & Was” are,yes,indicating we no longer have Kenda. She was wonderful and sweet,but we moved her to a 12 acre farm. Her new parents have a daughter in college that is training her to help their aging 12 year old black labrador protect their goats.

Being a silly girl, I cried. I was happy for her,but I missed having a puppy that was happy to see me come home. My husband prayed for a small miracle to happen.7.jpg

Here is our blessing. One morning we walk outside and in our gravel driveway was Jasmine. Her coat was dull and matted,full of fleas. Her ribs were showing. She could not meow,let alone barely move. She walked so carefully, as if on tippy-toes. We wondered if her back legs had been broken.8.jpg


That night we sat outside in our lawn chairs and took turns holding her. Loving her. We had purchased a flea collar,cat brush,cleaning wipes for her fur, and cat food. We washed her all over with the wipes and gently brushed her fur. The flea collar was tricky, but after a lot of reassuring and sweet words,we secured it on her neck.


Each morning, and when we return home from work,we have the joy of having Jasmine run up to greet us. She can run. She chases two other cats away from her food bowl. Her coat is beautiful. She is a joy!3.jpg

We welcomed Jasmine in to our lives,but she was sent as a miracle just when we all needed each other.4.jpg5.jpg


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