Gene Wilder – Master of Comedic Timing

His smile. Those eyes. I love his facial expressions. Gene Wilder could stand alone in a movie. He was the star. He could really pull you in and make you feel like you were right there beside him.

One of my favorite movies was Young Frankenstein. I am so sorry,Young Frankensteen! Made in 1974,our children grew up watching it with us, along with his other great movies. We still watch it a couple of times through the year, an especially at Halloween.

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The list of cast was amazing!  Some are no longer with us….but we thank them for making us laugh and smile and most of all, for putting so much talent in to their movies.


It is fun to imagine being in the same room when Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder wrote this together. Or to be there when Mel Brooks was directing. The whole time was probably quite the hysterical experience.

As you watch this classic tale, try to count the scenes with very little dialogue, but incredible laughs due to the comedic timing of this great master.  We are forever grateful and are saddend by his passing.

Gene Wilder-Marty Feldman-Teri Garr-Peter Boyle-Gene Hackman-Madeline Kahn-Cloris Leachman-Kenneth Mars-Richard Haydn-Liam Dunn….

All pictures utilized in this story property of 20th Century Fox from the movie Young Frankenstein.

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