Red Telephone Box-Did You Hear?

Hopping in the ol’ Telephone Box to give ya a ring. This is Great News! Wait till you hear this………

The beloved Telephone Box has found some pretty interesting ways to stay in the neighborhood. She can still stay in her beloved community,bringing people together and offering several new services. Not only did she help you to make a call all these years, but she is still helping you morning,noon,and night each day of the week. in different ways. 

Like the popular phone booths,the telephone box has found itself being removed and sits decaying in a “field” of  fading red.  Away from the world of gossip,laughter,tears,people’s everyday life. 

82524143_phonek8-1.jpgCreative people are turning her in to inviting coffee,tea, and pastry shops.

Tasty salads are offered from a place called Spier’s Salads,makes me crave one right now.


A postcard shop that makes my heart melt a little, because I still love the old fashioned day of sending cards and letters.


You can stop by a lending library to pick out a good book,magazine,and DVD. The kind request is when you pick one out,leave another one for someone else to enjoy.


An information hub for tourists to stop by to learn and get directions.

Some are painted green and called Solar Box for you to be able to be out and still keep your phone going with a charge.

Repairs shops with a wooden workbench and tool storage. Makes me wonder what can be repaired? I have this clock…..

Bar Works has turned her in to mini-offices with all the technology to complete your business deals. Plus free coffee 🙂


She is set up with defibrillators to help save someone’s life before the ambulance arrives.



She is an Art Gallery. A Tea Room. A Floral Shop. A Grocery Store…..

She is still here. Almost an Hundred Years Old and proudly serving you!


A special “Thank You” to Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. He was an English Architect from an architect family. He designed Liverpool Cathedral,Waterloo Bridge…..and designed the red telephone box in 1920.

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