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Tri-Circle-D Ranch Horse Barn and Pony Rides!!

If Walt was asking my wish?  To have a horse!  Ever since I was a skinny 7 year old tomgirl. I would race across the pages of books bareback…. I never did own my own horse, but I did go on a lot of trail ride’s with my parents when we traveled. When I met my husband, he continued taking myself and our babies horseback riding when we lived in Colorado, and when we visited North Carolina and Tennessee.

So, the first time we camped at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Walt Disney World, and walked around exploring, we were happy to become regular visitors at the horse barn and stables, Tri-Circle-D Ranch. I like to secretly pretend they know me and that I will buy a Walt Disney World horse and a white pony, take them home to the farm we will have that I also wish, dream, and pray for.

We were there when they were able to have the petting zoo. There is always a horse outside that seems as excited as us to visit for awhile. They each have their names posted on their stall.

Horses have always been a large part of Walt Disney’s magic.  This came from Walt’s love for horses. Photo courtesy of Disney Blogs – 1970.WD-Horse.jpg

Entrance to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch Barn.Disney Camping 156.jpg

Originally part of the petting farm with goats, chickens and small animals, some of the climbing structures remain.  With the opening of Animal Kingdom, this area became only for pony rides.Disney Camping 163.jpg

They are beautiful to see here, but even more impressive when you get close to them.Disney Camping 172.jpg

~Clydesdale  Percheron  Belgian  Appaloosa  Arabian  Paint  Quarter horse  Shetland Pony~Disney Camping 175.jpgBeautiful  Sweet  And Hard Workers pulling the coaches, carriages, hay wagon and being in the Disney Parades!2011-07-01_07-35-27_618.jpg

If you have little one’s, take them on a pony ride.2011-07-01_07-35-32_217.jpg

They are well taken care of, groomed, and showered.2011-07-01_07-39-04_529.jpg

Our granddaughter’s are dreaming of having a horse just like me! I know those looks,plus they told me 🙂2011-07-04_09-43-14_903.jpg

This was one of my best times ever at Tri-Circle-D Ranch!  The ponies raced around, chasing each other for almost an hour. I didn’t want to leave. I felt like a little girl again. I was clapping and cheering them on!2014-01-01-10-47-03

CIMG0666.JPGI wish I lived here….I just need a little space and I would work hard and I could wake up with the horses and this would my dream come true♥CIMG0667.JPG

When you enter the stables go see all the horses! They might seem like they are ignoring you, but they know you are there. Remember their names are on their stalls.

Then as you are leaving, look to the right and you will see something beautiful. Where is our picture of it? I can’t find it, but look and you will see the Dragon Calliope, a horse drawn musical instrument. Walt Disney bought it for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at Disneyland in the 1950’s

To the left is the Walt Disney Horse’s Room. So many wonderful pictures!

See if you can find Walt Disney himself!CIMG0668.JPG

Good Morning Handsome.CIMG0669.JPGCIMG0670.JPG

We have so many pictures because we have visited so many times. Morning,Noon,and Night.CIMG0671.JPG

The public is not allowed here, but WOW! The fans, the smell of fresh hay, a horse standing right there and you really see how impressive they are! And tall!!!CIMG0672.JPG

Who wants to go on a pony ride with me??!!CIMG0664.JPG

I think he was tired. Probably was out late pulling Cinderella’s Coach till all hours of the night…CIMG0673.JPG

Beautiful coats. So many pretty colors and unique markings.CIMG0674.JPGCIMG0680.JPG

This is the Walt Disney Horse’s Room I mentioned above.CIMG0681.JPG

This was really exciting to see! Love the gray speckles on him and enjoyed seeing him get new shoes.20150820_151947(5).jpg

Do you mind? I think that is what he was saying. So we said our Good-Bye’s! Till next time.20150820_152001.jpg

For those of you interested and in the position to provide a loving home to these wonderful animals once they have retired, Disney has an Adoption Program available.

Thank you Walt Disney ♥  A Princess’s Wish Come True ♥

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