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Mickey’s Wilderness Trail

A wilderness trail exists between the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and the Wilderness Lodge along Bay Lake in Walt Disney World.  This trail is the Wilderness Exercise trail.  A trail open for walking, jogging, and enjoying on wheels, be it roller blades, or bicycles.

Mickey’s vast wilderness…IMG_2138.JPG

A 2.5 mile paved trail starts from the right side between the Wilderness Lodge Resort and Wilderness Disney Vacation Club entrances that travels along behind the bus drop off.  Take the sidewalk and within minutes you will be out in Mickey’s wilderness!

A beautiful little pixie…IMG_2126.JPG

Keep an eye out for others, a Pixie may startle you, or you may be surprised at a fast passing bicycle.  Most importantly though, is that if you can walk softly and speak quietly, you just never know what may surprise you. Can you spot the deer?

Young doe moving through wilderness…cimg0574.jpg

In times past, this trail was part of additional non-paved trails along Bay Lake and may have been marked “Swamp Trails”.  Below are vintage photos from a time forgotten.  The starting point began at the back of the bike rental area.

Vintage trail behind Wilderness Lodge bike rentals…2015-10-24 18.58.45.jpg

Vintage trail along Bay Lake…2015-10-24 18.49.55.jpg

And ran along the side of Bay Lake.  At night you could hear the frogs and aquatic life singing their sweet melodies.

Vintage trail looking back at Wilderness Lodge…2015-10-24 18.54.14.jpg

With the construction starting for the new Disney Vacation Club buildings along Bay Lake for the Wilderness Lodge, the vintage trail was closed and lost to memory.

A paved trail between the two resorts exists now with clear access and easy travels.

Modern paved trail…jogging-trails-campsites-at-fort-wilderness-resort-00.jpg

Tri-Circle-D Ranch entrance to wilderness trail…IMG_4299.jpg

The Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort has sidewalks adjacent to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch horse barn and children pony riding areas.

Next time you are at Walt Disney World make it a point to stop into either of the resorts and spend some time enjoying Mickey’s wilderness!

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