Celebrating ‘Where Dreams Come True’

Our first family trip to Walt Disney World came in 1996.  Ever since then, it has proven time and time again to be a place to travel as a family and as a couple that provides incredible memories and adventures.  Living in Florida for over thirteen years within a couple hours drive only added fuel to the fire.


It starts at the initial discussions and decision of when we are heading back to our favorite place on earth, our second home. To the weeks and days heading up to the time we leave, it provides us with anticipation and memories of past trips when all the children were young.  Now they are all grown and we are sharing our experiences not only with them, but with their children.


Why do ‘Dreams Come True’ for our family?  For us it is many things.  First because we cannot look back without recalling rich memories full of fun and play time unlike anything in our everyday life.   Because no matter if we are alone or if we have friends, children or grandchildren each time we experience more and different magical adventures. Because once we became annual passholders we stopped pushing ourselves to make every second count and now take our time and enjoy whatever we want. Because now we are experiencing another generation sharing in the excitement and fun.

Things are never perfect in any location or on any vacation. For us the good always FAR outweighs the bad. So we Celebrate each trip and look forward to the next.

Do you find yourself and your family celebrating Walt Disney World, if so, please shareyour stories?

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