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Images_Streets & Avenues of New York City

One of our favorite adventures is to walk the streets and avenues of cities.  This provides us with a much better feel for what it would be like to live and play if we lived in that city.  The smells, the sounds, and the sights are always very memorable.  This is where you find the niche shops and local restaurants that provide the real taste of that city.

New city streets and avenues, try it for yourself and enjoy the adventure!  

IndyNYDC Trip 2 019.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 112.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 140.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 143.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 252.jpg

6.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 257.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 299.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 2 339.jpgIndyNYDC Trip 510.jpg

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