The Souls Walk Free

Their shadows, teasing his eye.

Sounds overcoming his breath.

Excitement roars in his ear.

A little old man stooped over with cane

blinking tears mixed with cool rain

this country trail has seen torture, some pain

from little boy to grown man

skinned knees to shaky hand

holding seeds and walking near

her laughter, he can still hear

clouds are pushing, holding the storm 

tall grass clears, revealing their forms.

Daisies are blooming all through the night

with the flowers they are obscure from fright.

Fingers digging, finding only fresh dirt

he remembers, her feet, sweetly peeking from under her skirt

where were the words to her song

with another she belonged

his love was to protect

never hers to select

all her little stones lined up in a row

he is the soldier that loved her babies as they rested below

safe from the man who means to do them in

until he joins them, he will always see them ascend.

Up springs stems, up springs petals, up grows his daisies

protecting her babies.

She is beauty,they are a joy,smiles a man who defeated the evil mans ploy.

This time…..They dance with the little man who planted the daisies to protect them from the curse, special seeds selected from her purse. 


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