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Treasures Throughout the Wilderness

Throughout the Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World there are treasures to behold. The resort is themed with beautiful western expansion theming.  There are incredible Native American and western themed art, fixtures, and artifacts.

Main Lobby filled with design featuers and unique light fixtures2010-10-10-14-58-13.jpg

Find the animal footprints in the sidewalks2010-10-10-14-56-42.jpg

Take time to see all the images on the two large totem poles2010-10-10-14-59-46.jpg

Main Lobby feature fireplace showing layers of earth2010-10-10-15-00-29.jpg

Incredible detail on the fireplace screen2010-10-10-15-02-36.jpg

Glass display cabinets throughout with various artifacts 2010-10-10-15-03-03.jpg

Themed ceiling light fixtures in the corridors2010-10-10-16-00-27.jpg

Native American art on display in various areas2010-10-10-16-05-51.jpg

Third floor relaxing area fireplace screen2010-10-10-16-06-03.jpg

Additional Native American artcimg0570.jpg

Wall sconces down main hallway with owlsimg_71032.jpg

These are three of many Native American paintings throughoutcimg0572.jpgcimg0581.jpgcimg0587.jpg

Travel there on your next visit and take the time to explore all areas to enjoy the all the treasures.

What are your favorite items on display?

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