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Relax & Enjoy Chicago on the “L”


The Chicago Transit Authority “L” provides quick, easy and affordable traveling to all commuters and adventurers for over 102 miles. There are curently eight lines running throughout Chicago utilizing colors to indicate the locations and areas serviced.  They include the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and pink lines. Some provide 24-hour service, some are loop routes, and some also as express service trains with limited stops to downtown and the neighborhoods making travel quicker.

Diversey stop platformCIMG1212.JPGCIMG1211.JPG

Washington/Welles stop platformcimg0470.jpgCIMG0471.JPGCIMG0472.JPG

Sun shine on a morning commutecimg0790.jpg

Currrent map from CTA WebsiteL_Map_March_2016_s_full.jpg

Over 241 million people ride the “L” annuallyCIMG0791.JPG

The initial “L” or elevated rapid transit trains began in 1892CIMG1151.JPG

Adams/Wabash stop platformCIMG0789.JPG

Riding allows time to reflect and enjoy the surroundings while travelingCIMG0157.JPG

You never know what pretty face may share the platform!cimg1161.jpg

A higher perspective than on street levelCIMG1160.JPG

Some stop entrances offer colorful decorCIMG1154.JPGcimg1156.jpg

Randolph/Wabash stop platformCIMG1152.JPG

Quincy stop platformCIMG0787.JPG

Watching the trains coming into the platformCIMG1208.JPG

Easy travel will get you on your way with a spring in your step!CIMG1159.JPG

Do you ride the “L” often, share your stories and comments?

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