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Vibrant Life at a Small Level

Sometimes I fail to fully appreciate all the tiny flowers and insects that are in the surrounding environment. Walking around Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom provides plenty of opportunities to view this vibrant life at a small level.

A symbiotic relationship for both the butterfly and flower


Rich colors and textures in compact sizes


Disney provides a rich aquatic environment for plants and animals


Various types and families of butterflies are found throughout


Unique natural designs and shapes with vibrant colors are everywhere


Some of the flowers take on shapes and images that surprise.


Hear the buzzing of the wings as bees search for pollen.


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4 thoughts on “Vibrant Life at a Small Level

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos on the Internet. You do have talent! And thanks, too, for following Oh, the Places We See. You’ve already shown us a few that we hadn’t seen, and that’s, of course, the beauty of blogging! Best wishes for continued success! — Bert and Rusha

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