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A Visit to Jack Daniel’s Distillery

This is a photo teaser for the Jack Daniels’ Distillery, an adventure you should take!

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is the number one selling American whiskey across the world. Ironically the county in which the whisky is made, Moore County, is a dry county.  As such, the whiskey is not available for purchase in stores or restaurants within the county.  Such a shame, but then again there is always the White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

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Lynchburg is located in the south-central region of Tennessee.  Set in a peaceful valley surrounded by rolling hills and rich farmland. At an hour and a half’s drive from Nashville, Tennessee, it is an easy journey if you are flying or driving.


As you near Lynchburg, there are several signs pointing you in the right direction.pl0.JPG

The area surrounding the distillery is known as “Stillhouse Hollow.” At the base of a limestone cliff, inside a cave, is a natural spring that is utilized for the distilling process. The distillery and land was purchased outright by Jack Daniel in the mid 1880’s.

You never know what to expect in the Visitor Center parking lotpl1.JPGpl2.JPGpl3.JPGpl4.JPGpl5.JPG

Make certain to prepare for your trip to the Visitor’s Center and Tour.  pl8.JPGpl9.JPGpl10.JPGpl11.JPGpl12.JPGpl13.JPGpl14.jpgpl15.JPGpl16.JPGpl17.JPG

Relax before or after in one of the many rocking chairs throughout the Visitor’s Centerpl18.JPGpl19.JPGpl20.JPG

There are several tour options to fit your desirespl21.JPG

The Visitor Center is an open spacious room with exposed timber rafters.  There are several displays and exhibits to learn more about the history and process involved.  Give yourself plenty of time to fully appreciate the information ahead of the Tour.


The White Rabbit Bottle Shop offers reasonable prices on various quality flavorspl36.JPGpl37.JPGpl38.JPGpl39.JPGpl40.JPG

Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel (1849-1911)pl42.jpg

The Tours offer an aroma and visual sensation with each part of the process and building you enter. This photo teaser does not contain any of those photos.

That is for you to enjoy firsthand…

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