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Good to Have a Helper

It wasn’t long ago in the Spring when sweet little Jasmine was timid coming around our family. Times have changed.  While working on a small project and enjoying the wonderful weather, Jasmine decided I needed a helper.  IMG_5487.JPGIMG_5488.JPGIMG_5492.JPGIMG_5493.JPGIMG_5494.JPGIMG_5495.JPG


What I should probably say is more of a help “her” as once she found I would pay attention to her, my work had to take a break.  IMG_5499.JPGIMG_5500.JPGIMG_5501.JPGIMG_5502.JPGIMG_5503.JPGIMG_5509.JPGIMG_5510.JPGIMG_5511.JPG

Truth is, I am realizing that she probably just helped me keep things in perspective.  I wasn’t in that big of a hurry anyway.  And to tell the truth I enjoyed giving Jasmine the attention as much as she did receiving the attention.IMG_5522.JPGIMG_5524.JPGIMG_5525.JPGIMG_5528.JPGIMG_5529.JPGIMG_5530.JPGIMG_5531.JPGIMG_5533.JPGIMG_5535.JPGIMG_5536.JPGIMG_5538.JPG

We had an old jelly strap folding chairs needing to be fixed or thrown away, which she has made her favorite place to rest.IMG_5551.JPG

It was tiring work helping me…IMG_5552.JPG

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6 thoughts on “Good to Have a Helper

  1. Jasmine is adorable! I also have a feline helper who nudges my elbow from under the table – that’s why my pictures sometimes come out blurry. His sister is the supervisor, though, not a helper. She stretches out in the same exact pose as your Jasmine and surveys her surroundings. Cats are the most amazing creatures!

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