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Rolling Down the Rails, Hear the Whistle Blow!

On your next visit to the Magic Kingdom, plan to enjoy a ride along one of Walt’s hobbies. A part of the Original 1971 opening day attractions at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, the Walt Disney World Railroad is still operating today providing an enjoyable experience for young and old. There are currently four steam locomotives operating around the park today.


Train resting in Main Street U.S.A. Station – photo courtesy of Walt Disney Worldwalt-disney-world-railroad-00.jpg

Below is a map of Magic Kingdom showing the Walt Disney Railroad route around the edge of the park. Note this map was utilized to indicate the vintage location of Mickey’s Toontown Fair which has been changed back with the renovations in 2015 to Fantasyland.  The station is now called Fantasyland Station.


The train travels clockwise and the journey heads towards the Frontierland Station.  On this portion, the train will travel through a tunnel which is above the Splash Mountain park ride where you can view the Riverboat show.

2014-01-04 12.58.37.jpg




Frontierland Station is above convenience bathrooms shared by the area attractions, if required. Just turn left at the bottom of the stairs.


From the Frontierland Station, you will travel along the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, taking in all the screams from the rides’ travelers.  Then, it is out to the Frontier,where you may catch a glimpse of a working riverboat and numerous displays of Native Americans and wild animals. Not to worry though, they are all either static or animatronic so there won’t be a problem.


Next, stop is the Fanstasyland Station just a short distance to a young child’s play land with rides and attractions.


Onward, you will be to the final leg of the trains over one and a half mile track. This journey will take you along the Tomorrowland Speedway and behind Space Mountain before settling you back into the station at Main Street U.S.A.


We have enjoyed this ride over the years, whether to enjoy a short journey to another area in the park, to cool off and rest for a few minutes, or to share the parks attractions with our wonderful grandkids.

It is always a pleasure to hear the train’s whistle blow!

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