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Seek out the Golden Unicorn, Chinatown’s Dim Sum Delight!



An adventure into New York City’s Chinatown for some upscale Cantonese-style dining. Yes, it is time for a trip to the Golden Unicorn.

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Located at 18 East Broadway in New York, is an upstairs delight.  Opened in 1989, as one of the early upscale restaurants in the area, the Golden Unicorn is a warm and inviting dining experience.  Take either the stairs or the elevator to enter a dimly lit area with several round tables for either a private meal, or a  group dynamic.

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The Golden Unicorn (please click) offers delicious dim sum steamed, deep fried or baked. During this dining experience, our group included four of us who  selected several varieties of foods as they were brought around for our approval.

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A variety of beverages were available for selection including beers, soft drinks, and cold or hot teas. The service was kind, polite and quick to offer assistance. Though they would rather not offer you a fork (lol).

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For a few in our group the dim sum experience was a new adventure in dining.  If you share this lack of experience, do not let it keep you from trying your hand at making good selections.  First, the staff was very helpful in taking the time to show each of us what each basket contained, and second everything was delicious!

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Named one of the five best restaurants in New York City in 1996 by Food & Wine Magazine, we were all very pleased with our experience.

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Though open and spacious, the noise level was fine, allowing for low level conversations.  This helps when sharing with others how to hold chopsticks!

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The Golden Unicorn proved to be everything we had heard, and more!  Make this restaurant one of your top five when in New York City and your adventures will be one of very good memories.

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