Christmas Breakfast Delight! ~ Vintage Recipes

Breakfast Casserole was a Christmas morning tradition every year in our home. Unwrapped presents, still in our jammies, Christmas music filling the house, the most beautiful bubble and colored lights on the tree, laughter, talking, and an incredible smell flowing from the kitchen! Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmmmm 🙂 Yesterday was my mom’s 72nd birthday.




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We wanted to make something in the oven that would smell comforting. When I mentioned the Christmas Breakfast Casserole, our oldest daughter clapped her hands and cheered! Traditions are strong in our family and I already see this recipe has been passed down from my mom to myself and then to our children. This casserole is filled with simple ingredients, sprinkled with garlic powder, pepper, and love. 

I saw this scene so many times in our home as we watched my mom pull the pan from the oven! I will list the ingredients at the bottom of this memory. I had to use Johnsonville breakfast sausage, but the best is Brown n Serve :),


Close to the holidays you have to run around like mad trying to snatch up any box you can find and stash it away in your freezer. Very popular, I feel like Nora Krank (Jamie Lee Curtis) on Christmas with the Krank’s when she is racing the woman in the store to get to the last honey baked ham!



I am listening to Christmas music as I write this and thinking I want to start cooking and baking right now for all the holidays that are wonderfully approaching. 

Makes such a pretty dish for home, church, parties, and to a shut in or just to comfort a friend. We served this meal with non-alcoholic sparkling white and red grape juice and New York Style Cheesecake with Lindt Cocoa Bar Chocolate shaved on top. d5d363610f9875a21a3c7cdaab72f608.jpg

Spray your 9 x 13 panssssss!! Yes, make extra. They will eat it 🙂

Take a tube of crescent rolls and press them in the bottom of the pan. Take 6-8 eggs, pour in milk, I use whole milk. You want enough so the egg milk mixture will stand above the sausage and crescent rolls. Sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper. Cut your sausage links up on top. I put enough sausage on top to make each and every bite full. Then pour your egg milk mixture on top. Place in oven on 375 degrees. 

Now…… patient! The aroma will have everybody’s mouth watering and they will be walking past or under your feet in the kitchen. They might even have their place in line, holding their plates. Bake until no moisture is on top and you see the crescent and eggs have nicely browned. Enjoy! And Happy Birthday Mom, We Love You and Merry Almost Christmas Everyone!!

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