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If it Rains, Let Out Your Inner Animal!

Let’s face it, when in Orlando, there is going to be a day during your stay at Walt Disney World when the weather is going to force you to stay inside.  It is always changing and one thing it regularly includes is RAIN! It is during these times, that there is nothing more fun than letting your shopping animal out.  Where better to do this than at the Contemporary Resort.


The key to accessing the fun inside the Contemporary Resort is understanding that parking needs to be at the Ticket & Transportation Center or from one of the other resorts. It has been a limited parking stance ever since the construction of Bay Lake Towers began. If you are already inside Magic Kingdom or at one of the Bay Lake resorts, then this is easy! Just grab a ride on the monorail as it not only goes to but it goes through the Contemporary!!


On the third level, accessible by elevators, stairs, and escalators, are a few fun shops to relax and enjoy. There are three shops available including Bayview Gifts, Fantasia, and Fantasia Market.


Bayview Gifts is located at the top of the escalators, and offers a wide selection of baked goodies fudge, various Disney themed drinking, cooking and eating items, men’s and women’s clothing, artwork, and various jewelry and hats.  Take your time to walk each area and look for unique to Disney.


Fantasia is located in the center of the large open area, providing Disney themed children’s toys, books and assorted collectibles.


If you are looking for a newspaper, book, packaged snacks or something to drink, then the Fantasia Market is just for you.  All three shops are on the same level with Bay View Gifts and Fantasia Market on the sides of Fantasia.  Prices are reasonable for where you are located, with the variety and selections at the market good if you are in need.


Our journeys typically start at the Wilderness areas so when we are leaving it typically looks like the photo below.

Disney 050209 268.jpg

Wherever your travels may take you once you are done, you will be glad you took the time to get out of the weather and relax Contemporary style!

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