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Very, Very, Very Pink for the Cause

By now you have hopefully seen on our website one or more of the articles written telling others that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This has very special meaning for us, as Breast Cancer has not only affected Jennifer already a few years back, but we have genetic history in our families when it has affected our famililes.  Our story is not unique though, as breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females around the world. Far too many families have been affected and will be moving forward! Our goal and hope is that this desiease is found earlier in the process for females everywhere, and that hopefully soon a cure will be found.

There are several potential causes of breast cancer, and scientists are continuing to research to find a cure.  You can help your chances to minimize issues through early detection. This can be by performing a self examination, checking with your physician, having a X-ray or diagnostic mammogram, a biopsy, or a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

What Jennifer and I are encouraging females everywhere is to not put it off.  Take time to check for yourself, or please visit with your doctor TODAY! Early detection can make a tremendous difference in the methods available for the treatment to cure or remove the cancer.

You are important! You deserve to to know where you stand against this aggresive disease!


If you find it in your heart, we encourage everyone to donate to one or more of the qualified and caring research facilities searching for a cure.  A few of of the facilities are Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, Breast Care Alliance, and Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. There are other wonderful organizations who help to provide support for those dealing with breast cancer and educating others to the causes and provide awareness, such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. The lists and names above are by no means complete, there are other outstanding firms helping females around the world. Please reach out in your community and online to find those groups that touch your heart and DONATE TODAY!


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