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Abandoned Farm Houses – Stories and Memories from Long Ago…


Taking drives out in the country we can’t help but talk about all the abandoned houses versus all the new homes that are being built. The new homes are lined up in a fresh clean line and sometimes they even look alike. But these old timers, they look like they are waiting for someone.

This home has a long wide front porch and a tattered curtain that blows from a slight breeze in a top window. The dirt driveway is barely noticeable so we had to back up to pull in. The front yard is filled with a beautiful garden of wild blooming weeds. Grass is folded down to make a nice bed for all the deer that roam in this area.


This is my farm house. I love to visit her every once in awhile and I even wrote a story about her a couple of years ago. One Saturday afternoon, my husband and I had stopped at this little cafe for one of their amazing hamburgers. We drove to visit her and sat in her driveway. We ate our sandwiches and dreamed of restoring her beauty, when we were interrupted by a man in a truck. He said he was the neighbor and was watching her for the owner. He was not a shy man, so we gladly listened. The couple that had lived here had become to elderly to take care of her. Their son, who was much older now himself, was the owner, and had brought his parents back for a last look at this girl. 


There is a No Trespassing Sign, but I could not stop my feet or my desire to stand up close to her and pretend we were living here. I loved the quiet. I actually heard something breathing behind the house. It was a cow and then I heard it’s low moo. This is the garage and to the left is a barn and maybe a smaller barn or two. Then I turned and the view is pretty with farmland across the street. If I could just get out back, I know I would love fall in love with her all over again. 


This home really sits far off the road and very deep on the land. I was glad we were driving the truck because my little van would have pulled in to the drive and kept right on going down the steep overgrown drive. I stood on the side of the truck and took  some beautiful pictures of small mountains in the background. I wondered when the leaves fall, if they would have a view like what I saw? Or, would they be looking down at a creek bed?


This property, we just happened upon when we were in search of farm animals. There was a sturdy gate and electric fencing because they had a bull in there. He ignored us and you could here him munching grass. That is fine with us, we didn’t want to mess with him!


This is a fine piece of property and would be interesting to get her alive again. We have driven past her a few times, but did not stop because we did not want to annoy the very large bull that was watching us drive by. 


She has red and green tin roof and the woods are right behind her as they climb up in to the hill. There are quiet a few small barns. I like the different look she has not only in coloring but in design.


One day we will drive by and she will be gone and a shiny new place will be in her spot….

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