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Changing It All!! Hoshi Chao V3.0 – Making it OURS

First order of business-Removing all the built-in cabinetry in the eating and family areas. Once that began, the carpeting needed to go, as it was outdated and in worn condition.  The removal of the bench seat and carpeting made it clear there was a leak from the outside access storage hatch.  

As the hatch was not needed any more, that was closed, locked and sealed around the perimeter.  Then replacement of the damaged wood supports and subfloor could take place.  

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2015-08-08 12.46.27.jpg

A little better picture of the extent of damage from the water leak.

When you are looking at an older trailer, take all the time it requires to check all outside walls, especially at connections of outer walls to the roof, penetrations from equipment and pipes, and any openings on the sides.  Better to know and ensure that these areas are all secure and sealed.  If you need to re-seal now is the easiest and cheapest time to repair!

2015-08-08 12.46.39.jpg

Minor cleanup at the couch location. Be careful of the gas and water lines that run behind and along your areas.  A little damage can go a LONG way down the road when everything is back in place.

2015-08-08 12.46.58.jpg

The resilient flooring was acceptable for now, while we determined what type of flooring materials we wanted for the lower level.  The carpeting was kept on the bathroom and bedroom areas as the sun had not faded, nor were there worn areas as in the kitchen and family areas.

2015-08-08 12.47.05.jpg

This is where there was cabinetry and shelving for the small TV. So much better to open up. We looked at several ideas online and were weighing the options for what fit our needs best.

2015-08-08 12.47.13.jpg

Still-Undecided on what to do with the couch.  It was not at this time something that we loved. We began looking for options and also, to determine what theme would be used in each area.  So important (And Fun) to match all items to the theme!

2015-08-08 12.47.20.jpg

I think NASA might have wanted the refrigerator and freezer, but we elected to keep.  SORRY NASA, you can’t have it! I don’t think the silver will stay though…

2015-08-08 12.47.26.jpg

We removed the cover to the over stove cabinet and measured to find that new microwaves require more space than back in the 1980’s!  Who knew?

The range hood came off easy, and the disgusting look was mostly from surface rust.  Time to spend cleaning, sanding and painting. Then Magic. Looks brand new!

2015-08-08 12.47.35.jpg

The old microwave location proved to be a whatever type of space.  It did not have a door, and we were uncertain if we wanted to install one.  Time again where we started thinking of what would serve best up in this space.  That is the fun of working together and taking your time.  At this point we are really just removing the old, repairing or replacing, so, who knows what it was to become!

2015-08-08 12.47.40.jpg

The cabinet space continued to be amazing as we opened each door and realized how they would function.  We didn’t think we would use all of them, but trust me, we did! A girl can not have too many cabinets in her kitchen 🙂

2015-08-10 08.36.35.jpg

This phase of the repairs and renovations took a few weeks as our evenings were just too busy. That actually made it so much better for us to take our time and work on areas together and discuss the potential.  I encourage you to not rush through this phase either, once you know what you want the finishes move fast, but this is where you make it special.

2015-08-10 08.36.52.jpg

Her is one of our little ones, bless all of them, they love to be close to us. Our beautiful granddaughter was a tremendous helper and she loved to dance to the music while we worked (lol).

2015-08-13 18.27.49.jpg

This is the state of our awning. We kept it rolled out so that the sun could dry it and take away some of the stain. We reviewed various options from replacement to repairs and thought it best to see where the overall budget fell before making any final decisions.  Thankfully, with some minor taping and caulking, most of the leaks are sealed and with some cleaning it looks much better. 

2015-08-13 18.34.41.jpg

This is fun! We are in the process of staging the walls for new paint. Picking out colors together!

Our thoughts at this time was for a computer/work area on the front left where the old bench sat, using an office chair with rollers.

2015-08-13 18.37.35.jpg

More preparations filling holes and cracks. Take your time, it is so easy to miss a few here or there until you have the paint brush in your hand!!

2015-08-13 18.37.54.jpg

The leak in the kitchen floor was fixed, dry and getting ready for new flooring.  Still working on the final touches for the outside wall cover paneling.

2015-08-13 18.38.09.jpg

The computer/work shelf was a nice addition, unfortunately, for me, I spent too much time gazing out the side window (lol). 

2015-08-13 18.38.15.jpg

We started to cover the entry area wall in the family area, still thinking through what we felt was needed. There are so many possibilities for storage and decorating your home.  Shelves, bins, cabinets, or nothing at all!  Since we took the time to remove the original, we wanted to be very certain before adding back into the space.


The weather proved to be fantastic! Beautiful, sunny, hot summer weather. Windows open, fan on, and music playing. Prepping and sanding the walls for paint.

2015-08-13 18.39.56.jpg

Whatever type of furniture we felt would cover these pipes and duct. 

2015-08-13 18.40.06.jpg

Once we determined where the wall mounted television would be installed, additional plywood wall backing was installed.  These exterior walls are really not sturdy enough to hold that much weight, so plan ahead when remodeling yours. Remember the old corner cabinet up there, so much cleaner!

2015-08-13 18.40.15.jpg

The medicine cabinet was removed, not something Jennifer  wanted, and we decided to order custom mirrors to fit both sides. We kept the cute little sink and cabinet below as is. 

2015-08-13 18.40.26.jpg

The wall paper was decided to stay, and we would paint over.  A test area was completed and it looked great, so why bother removing and having to patch?

2015-08-13 18.40.44.jpg

This is the corner shelf that was in the family room minus the front screen cover. It was too nice and handy to toss. Jennifer needed a little more storage, (who knew),:) so it is in our room.

2015-08-13 18.41.01.jpg

The previous owners had replaced the roof, but the damage from before needed to be remedied. We utilized for all the ceiling areas Kilz paint.  This paint is great for painting over areas where there is a discoloration or mold.

2015-08-13 18.41.08.jpg

Not much to do in the bedroom corner.

2015-08-13 18.41.28.jpg

All of the little storage knick knack (is that a real word?) items and things to hold small items were taken off the walls and set aside to recondition once we determined the themes and colors.


We hope you are enjoying these articles on our journey to make this fifth-wheel Hoshi Chao, OUR star’s nest!  Version 4.0 will be coming soon with the application of the themes and colors!!  

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