Remembered in Each of Us

 We were thumbing through pictures and stopped at this family photo. The happy smiles of our children, and the look on their Grandpa’s face, made this picture stand out.  

This is my husband’s dad. He was the oldest of six boys. He was born and  raised in Oolitic, Indiana. His mother took all the boys to the Methodist Church that was right behind their home every Sunday. He learned the Christian value in his home from his mom and a sense of humor and hard work ethic from his dad. The love of family from both. 

 He was a fine Christian man who loved the Lord, his wife,grandchildren,and great-grandchildren.  He raised his family in church and to stand firm on strong biblical principles. He believed in family traditions.

He lost his mom in the early 1970’s and his dad in the early 2000’s. Learning from both  to work hard, stand up for what you believe in, and keep family together. Losing their mom at the prime of her life, the boys made it important that the family got together each month. Celebrating blessings and leaning on each other through the hard times. 

My husband’s dad has passed away, but we can be assured he is sending prayers to God for us. He taught his family to love and cherish each other. He is not forgotten, he is remembered in each one of us. 


The reason we are sharing this story:

Consider your life and those who have affected you.  Are there individuals who have passed on that were a big part of your life? Maybe they were in your childhood but bring strong memories or emotions.  Now is the time to look into their stories and history.  Your families’ genealogy is so important to learn and to share the information about people and places from the past.  Take the time NOW to speak with those people who can provide details and stories.  Write them down, and share them with those close to you.  Don’t wait until it is too late, and those who have the memories will be gone.

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