#Trendy at the Opry Mills Mall

Disney Outlet    Victoria’s Secret    Rue 21     Build-A- Bear Workshop   Spencers  Lids

Hot Topics    Boot Barn   Rack Room Shoes   Loft Outlet  Journey’s  Claire’s…………! 

Whatever influences you in the fashion world, you can show it off at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Where is a girl to start??? My first stop was Spencers. What a fun store and Harley Quinn must shop there. I wouldn’t mind wearing her outfit for Halloween.  I chose this choker and a couple of great hippie knit caps with cool colors.


Shoes…Shoes…SHOES…A Girl Can NOT have enough Shoes! Or guys, for that matter.

For running and/or walking I think about 17 pairs of sneakers or do you say tennis shoes, should do! A color for each day of the week and more for each outfit.

Memory Foam, isn’t it wonderful?!  

Loafers   Boots   Heels   Flats   Sandals   FlipFlops   Slip Ons   Dress Shoes  SlippersIMG_1030.JPG


Which one to buy? They wouldn’t tell me 🙂   I decided I like them both. And a couple of purses, too. 


With our arms full of bags, we checked out cool hairstyles, hats, eclectic styles. Some were still trying to hold on to summer, wearing shorts and dresses like us rebels.

 Others were happy because they could put on sweaters and boots and enjoy our crisp mornings and evenings. 



These two looked great in front of the camera. Natural and confidant shoppers. I wonder what they bought? I am ever the curious one. 


I loved this hat. It brought back fond memories of my Grandpa Virgil. He lived to be 94 and always wore a hat, dress pants and button up dress shirt, and dress shoes. After he passed away, I took his hat home……I don’t know what happened to it, but this one can replace it. 


I have to say, I love the dress, boots, and bag, but also this photo because they look so sweet sharing a treat and the FOREVER 21 YELLOW Shopping Bag.  I wonder what’s in it?


Cowboy Hats are a key theme from a group of Canadian adventurers. Don’t they look great!


Great Vest   Outfit   Hair   Tattoos- I know because I walked right past her!


Rue 21 is one of my A B S O L U T E Favorite Stores!!!  Wish I could be locked in for the night and have a fashion show with my girls in my life! We could laugh and dance and try on clothes and watch chick flicks.

Here I am arranging all the Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel for a Photo :)) Thank You Rue 21 for this display ❤


Thank you! I love when people are so comfortable when we are taking Trendy Pictures!


And then for some Wine…..Wine Colored Jacket, that is……Great Autumn 2016 Color


Beautiful Smile, she was looking for a new coat, and she modeled it for us. I love the green color in her hair. It’s fun!


So how do I look in wine?  I LOVE it!!


Our shopping for a little Autumn Trends was done by early afternoon.  So much fun, so much to see, and still so many things we did not get to check out.  Lots to do at the Opry Mills Mall.

Have you been enjoying the changing of the seasons and the fashion styles?  Where do you like to travel to shop and see the latest and trendy?

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