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Beautiful Colors, Looking for a Home!

During a recent outing with two of our grandkids, we noticed a red moving mass on a tree.

We all stepped closer for a good look, then stepped back, us girls saying “OH,Gross!” More bugs were all over the ground, crawling frantically to the tree.


We thought Some One out there might appreciate these pics!


Being curious, we looked them up and believe they are the Box Elder Bugs that appear on the side of Box Elder, Ash, Maple, etc. and would like to live with you in your home! The lovely damage they do is stains on any fabric they can crawl over.

We read a lot of comments, laughing along the way. NO One likes them and some have gone so far as to torch them and cut down their trees. Quite a few people said to use soapy water and they will be no more. Which either meant they died or they are now in their attic safely nestled in for the winter and making babies!

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