Don’t Toss, Recondition! Create New Look Bar Stools

Have you ever had a piece of furniture that just doesn’t have that nice “look” anymore? It is still sturdy, and comfortable, but needs a little love.  We had four well used, but very sturdy leather bar stools.  These stools originally came out of a bar in downtown Nashville, having been used for many years.  When salvaging a while back these four were hand selected from a large pile of chairs and stools that were in the basement.  This pile had chairs, stools and pews that were dusty, chipped, and mostly broken, the best years of their use in the past!

Our four stools still were sound in structure though, with all four legs not having dents or damages.  The leather seat was in fairly good condition with no major rips or tears.  The steel bar stool swivel plates were not rusty, missing ball bearings or locked up.  These may be able to be reconditioned.  A project definitely worth the effort! Note: Since we became empty nesters and have down sized, our work area became more of a makeshift one on this glorious Autumn day.

Not much to look at in the beginning, but still study


Swivel plate in good condition and all connections secure


Sanding to roughen up the steel and knock off the surface rust


Applying masking tape to protect the leather and cloth area


Cheap masking tape worked well, and at half the cost of standard blue masking tape!


Applying the inital coats of paint in sand box for easy cleanup


Round surfaces take time to ensure all areas get covered


Raising the work surface area aided the completion of the area adjacent to the stool


We now have four lovely stools for use with Hoshi Chao, our fifth wheel, on upcoming journeys!


Stop on by when you are out and about and we will pull one up for you!  


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