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Join Us for a Haunted Ride

Do not cry to the maid, she will not come to your aid. It has been said, that she is dead….

Get ready for your spooky ride! This is an experience you will not forget. As you walk up to the fence, you imagine you feel hot breath on your face and hooves stomping, ready to lead you on your terrifying journey. 

IMG_6472.JPGThis display certainly makes you want to step in to the carriage to be carried through the cemetery. Look around as you are in line, and as you leave, for the clever and scary ways people have died engraved on their tombstones.  

IMG_6473.JPGLooks like not so alive dried flowers are inside.

IMG_6477.JPGAs you walk in line, the creepy stone-faced help direct you in to a room. They shut all the doors and turn out the lights! They tell a sad story and you find out firsthand how the Master of the House died. Lucky for us, the living, they let us escape the room and explore the mansion. 


You are pushed in to a Doom Buggy (locked in really), go ahead and panic. It’s so dark, and the walls are breathing, souls are screaming, and pictures are alive, no dead, no alive….

Souls are floating, dancing, laughing, having a Ball. The party table is set (check for Hidden Mickeys) We can’t tell you everything, that would spoil the ending. See if you can count how many spouses the Mistress killed? I hope you are able to get out and return to the land of the living. If not, we will visit you at your grave.

I see dead horses! (Spooky Laugh) UUUUHaHaHaHaHaMMMMMHaHaHaHa

I see dead people…IMG_6479.JPG

How long has it been since you have rode the Haunted Mansion in Disney World or Disneyland theme parks? Don’t put it off, people are dying to experience it daily…

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