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First Big Trip! Hoshi Chao V5.0 ~ We’re Heading Out

Guess where we are? ūüôā I will give you a hint. We are visiting a mouse! Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, being so established with so many amenities, proved to be a wonderful place for us to start learning how to travel in our Hoshi Chao.

This is the continuing story of how we took the journey of traveling in ¬†a fifth-wheel. ¬†Starting with purchasing an older model trailer and enjoying turning her into Hoshi Chao, which is translated Chinese for “Stars Nest”. ¬†Our little nest as we begin traveling around this wonderful United States. ¬†Many lessons learned as we headed out, and patience being the best thing in our toolbox!

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These sites are great! Every one is level, spacious and clean. There are variations of of coquina shell sand and pavement, depending on Disney’s level of amenities and pricing.¬†

The first lesson I had to learn on this trip happened as soon as we left the driveway.  Notice the truck tool box in the back of our truck?  Well, the distance from the center of the ball to the edge of the toolbox was not as great as we needed once we turned a corner and immediately our first repair happened.  The front bottom metal received a ding, crimp and trear, which I fixed the first day in camp. Yay!!! Learn from my mistake.  Make certain you can have a tool box.  Each truck is different in the length of the truck bed and the center ot the rear axle.  I found out I could not have a tool box, the hard way!

Note: Our grandbabies and daughter have already started their artwork with chalk. The art we appreciate the most! 


Once Hoshi Chao was set up and leveled, it was time to relax. ¬†We decided to NOT bring our computer with us, which really made it clear that our “desk” idea was not that good to function as a kitchen extension. ¬†Too many levels, so plates, cups and accessories had a hard time using that corner. ¬†Seemed like a good idea at the time…


Second item requiring repair appeared on the second day when the refrigerator quick working properly.  For several months in our backyard it worked great.  The freezer was keeping cold, but the fridge was not cold at all.  We had to pull out our old cooler and work in that mode.  Not a vacation killer, but when you are geared up to have a fridge it means storing things differently and getting ice daily.  This will be repaired after this trip.  


The “working” side of the trailer with the water, seweer and electrical connections and storage bins. ¬†Everything worked well, no concerns with hookups or panels.

I would recommend to all adventurers that you consider purchasing one of these folding, extendable ladders.  They are great for just about anything you need to access you trailer, and fold down so small and convenient.


A closer view of the sewer hose and connection.  Making certain it is secure and sloping properly is a key element to a carefree vacation.  This is something you want to take care of when you are setting up and packing away.  Do a good job so you do not have issues while you are camping.   


A little glory shot of our truck and Hoshi Chao, so proud we are out on an adventure!


The awning looks much better than before, but there are many tiny holes in the fabric that we worked on throughout the stay at Fort Wilderness Campground.  Duct tape is a beautiful thing, especially in colors that match! Our outside setup was comfortable and convenient for the two of us, our daughter and her three children.  Plenty of room to move around and tables to sit and store items.


We purchased a lazy susan for the corner spice cabinet, and could not have been happier.  Look around your trailer and I can bet there are locations one could make finding things much easier.


Hope you enjoyed seeing the images from our first learning experience. It was quite different than camping out in our backyard. Sure there were a couple of fails, but those can be fixed and hopefully not repeated! All in all a very wonderful time together, very happy with our fifth-wheel.   Hope you are enjoying the ride!

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5 thoughts on “First Big Trip! Hoshi Chao V5.0 ~ We’re Heading Out

  1. Oh!!!! Thank you so much! We raised 4 amazing babies, and are still not close to retiring, but we decided to go ahead and start stepping out for adventure. So glad you enjoyed all of our articles on Hoshi Chao! We encourage you to go on adventures if you have not started yet! ūüôā Jen


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