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Ireland with INCREDIBLE Flavors ! ~ EPCOT F&W Festival Review

Yes, we knew just how to start our 2016 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival right, head to Ireland!! From past years, it has always proven to be a very enjoyable and delicious stop on the World Showcase. Spoiler alert: this year it blew us away!

The Seafood Fisherman’s Pie was top of the list for offerings, and as much of a meat-and-potatoes kind of people we are, it was an easy choice.



Taking a few more moments to discuss what sounded good, we ultimately chose the Irish Cheese Selection Plate.  It was early in the tour for us, and we were trying to keep from filling up on all main courses.  Plus we are just big mouses (like Mickey), and love all types of cheese.


The seafood fisherman’s pie was served very warm, with consideration for your hands given by placing the bowl on a paper plate.  Thanks much!  Under the creamy mashed potatoes was the most flavorful seafood delicacy.  There were small bite sized chunks of fish, shrimp, and vegetables in a tangy and inviting red sauce. This was an incredible taste! 


While my partner in adventures began tasting the seafood pie, you know I could not resist trying one of the three flavors of cheese provided in the Irish Cheese Selection Plate. This included Irish Cheddar, Dubliner, and Irish Porter cheeses along with a couple of slices of rye bread were provided and a sweet mixture of fruits.  While these foods were great by themselves, tasted together brought our such incredible flavors.  An incredible job of combining elements to give your taste buds a real treat!


All too soon we found ourselves looking at an empty bowl and clean plate.  Such is the way on the Food & Wine Festival tour, onto the next!!


Our final assessment, take the time to stop and enjoy both of these delicious offerings.  The cheese platter will not fill you up, and could provide a mid-meal snack, if needed.  If you love meat and potatoes, then you MUST try the seafood pie! Great job in Ireland!!!

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