Homemade Blueberry Pancakes ~ Vintage Recipes

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We absolutely love breakfast for dinner in our home. We had bought blueberries to have as a snack or to put on yogurt, cereal, and a salad for lunch during the week. But, one night we just wanted a rich blend of sweet and salty.

So, we made sausage breakfast links in our skillet and baked our bacon in the oven. Bacon in the oven keeps your stovetop clean, no hot splatters on your hands, a wonderful aroma in the kitchen. It also gives you time to make Trisha Yearwood’s Homemade Blueberry Pancakes! 


The weather is turning cooler and you have a hot plate of pancakes to enjoy! To watch Trisha Yearwood make her blueberry pancakes with her niece, Ashley, go to

Trisha seems so at ease in her kitchen and shares her love for family and old recipes. The video makes it so much easier to follow and we felt like we were cooking right along side her. Plus, we do believe these pancakes look just like hers!

To make your bacon, you turn your oven to 350 degrees. Spray or line your jelly roll pan or cookie sheet. These are nice to use to contain the bacon grease. If you are making the whole package, you probably will have to drain off the grease once or twice. Just keep checking them and make them as crispy as you like. 


Luckily, we got a picture to share before we ate them all gone. Just picture butter melting all over them. Warm syrup slowly mixing in with the blueberries and flowing over the stack of pancakes.


Time for you to make these delicious blueberry pancakes for your family.  Hope you enjoy!


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