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bOO TO yOU !

What ever you do this Halloween, have fun! Whether you purchase your costume from a store or you home make one, enjoy being creative. We decided to dress like we are from the Day of the Dead. 

The top hat was purchased at Spencer’s in the mall and the red scarf was added.

From Walmart, the rest was purchased- a couple of Halloween Makeup Palettes to line our eyes, eyelids, and my lips.

unspecified.jpgMy masquerade mask came with a black rose and a pin of red roses was added.

unspecified.jpgMy black lace gloves and necklace was found hanging in the jewelry section. This is where we noticed the earrings and had fun picking them out. His ear is pierced and mine are pierced twice so one of my earrings matched his.

The nail polish is from Covergirl. Covergirl outlast stay brilliant “diva after dark” and “nemesis”. The “nemesis” is like a rich dark blood color.

unspecified-1.jpgWe dressed up a few times while we were visiting at Walt Disney World, adding a lot more makeup at times to really look more, well, dead. We received very nice comments and had so much fun. 

Happy Spooky Boo to You Halloween!!!

2016-10-14 12.05.37.jpg

What are your favorite costume ideas?  Do you enjoy getting dressed up for Halloween?

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