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Share my chilling Walk…

So good to see you,  glad you can share my walk…


There will be time for rest, but now there is much to learn…


Many of my old friends are here too, wanting to help you along the way.


We’ve been resting for a while,

WIN_20161008_182605 (2).JPG

Waiting for the chance to speak with you now.


Some arrived young, when it was it too soon,

WIN_20161008_181619 (2).JPG

Others came later, after long walks among the living.

WIN_20161008_181156 (2).JPG

Each of us looking for the light that ever alludes us.


Time works on all of us, slowly decaying and leaving it’s signs,


Stealing at our memories and thoughts.


Taking what little we have left,


Leaving broken pieces along the path.


Clinging to the hope that this walk may come to an end,


I leave you this dreary night, to return yet again.

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