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#Trendy2 ~ Halloween Fun to be Found!

We had to share how we started planning our HALLO-WEEN Costumes to make the living scream! During our last trip to Opry Mills checking out the latest trends, we had a horrific good time.

James Bond in SPECTRE Mexico’s Day of the Dead  Los Muertos Vivos Estan Start the music if you dare. Why not? This hat would be perfect.

Look at his face, an idea is forming! Spencer’s Hats Buy 1 get 1 50% off jewelry and sunglasses,hats…

2016-10-08 11.54.39.jpg

Wait. We got sidetracked. Pretty Carousel, we thought, till we took a ride (carousel music) 


That was scary so we stopped for an Orange Julius….frightfuly delicious!

2016-10-08 11.40.08.jpg

We bought sunglasses Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF

2016-10-08 11.49.02.jpg

Hold on! This is a picture for his mom. The story goes….parents bought him this very hat when he was just a tiny tot. Lost the hat right away……..40 years later he found his hat. Hooray!  Now back to our story…

2016-10-08 11.51.42.jpg

Shoes Shoes Shoes   Hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik   Shoe Stores are calling us from all over the store  Stop! We can’t buy anymore shoes! Don’t bother us!

2016-10-08 11.40.50.jpg

Just looking at sunglasses. Nothing behind us was whispering “Buy Me”

2016-10-08 11.50.19.jpg

THANK You Simon & Opry Mills Mall in Nashville,Tennessee for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 

GO PINK!!!2016-10-08 12.53.07.jpg

Mickey & Me… Peace!

  2016-10-08 11.54.02.jpg

Where to find your Harley Quinn Costume? Is that Catwoman? Sneaky and Sexy you can get your look from Spencer’s.

2016-10-08 11.41.25.jpg

Jack Skellington. Disney’s Tim Burton’s Movie   download.jpeg

You could not go wrong wearing his look for Halloween. He is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, after all. 

2016-10-08 11.54.22.jpg

2016-10-08 11.41.33.jpg



Order some food and people watch, who else is thinking of Halloween?!?!

2016-10-08 12.30.26.jpg

Great Hair  and she so nicely helped us not only check out, but pick new hats!

2016-10-08 12.16.18.jpg

What are you planning to dress up as for Halloween?

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