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Incredible Details Around Every Corner!

There is an 145 foot tall Tree of Life in central Florida with a base over 50 feet in diameter!

The Tree was completed in in 1998 and premiered at the Grand Opening for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   An amazing design with a 400-seat theater inside (“It’s Tough to be a Bug!” show), but most interesting for me are all the exterior animal designs carved into the tree. 


Walt Disney World claims there are over 300 animals carved into the exterior. Intertwining, large and small, these animals jump out at you!



There are over 8,000 branches all around holding over 100,000 man-made leaves that are over a foot long!




This large structure was constructed over a refitted oil platform, taking over eighteen months to complete. 



How many animals can you see carved into the sides?



Though you cannot miss seeing the Tree of Life when you are at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, many do not take the time to stop and stare.  Next time you are there make it a point to see how many you can count!

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