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Making a Better Kitchen! Hoshi Chao V6.0 ~ Still Improving

Now that our first big trip is behind us, we are working on improving our Stars Nest (Hoshi Chao). After a five day trip to Florida, there were things we realized needed to be upgraded and improved.  Taking the trailer away from your home and out on the road is the best way to determine what needs to be made better to make it a “Home away from home.”

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We were very pleased with the working flow of the kitchen area, but realized that the desk area was not needed.  We now work both on laptops and needed both more counter space and large appliance storage.

First obvious change was to make a better kitchen counter top, no need for a desk area. 


There was a “dead” area between the built-in shelves and the counter that we decided to link together to make a useful area.  The key was measuring all of our appliances and making certain the width of the extension would service anything that would use the space. Ended up that the width of 14″ was perfect for anything in our kitchen to sit on this long narrow surface.

Though the stove has always worked well, with the advent of the George Foreman grill and various other appliances, we needed a place to store each electrical gadget.  Once the desk was removed, we realized the depth of the shelving would be almost 24″ which gave us the much needed storage area!

Small appliances need easy access and storage


Several color chips and alternative materials for the top was brought home to review.  Take your time in this process and make certain you know the pro’s and con’s with each material. We ultimately preferred the plastic laminate. Though there were other nice possibilities.

The gray colors blended with the white and red very well


Yes, we Love Lucy.  It has been one of our favorite shows.  With the purchase of the fifth wheel we already had the back  splash ready. We did look at several glass and ceramic tiles and metal wall panel products, but Lucy ultimately won out!

We love Lucy!


The counter top even displayed well against the new colors.  Take your time when selecting a new counter top as this a major color factor in the kitchen area. Taking the time to make certain that new elements do not make drastic changes to the feel or theme you are working towards is critical.

Still thinking about the right side of the stove for a different texture 


The refrigerator and freezer  worked well once we were home and even on this side trip, though we knew this was eventually going to need repair.  Sometimes I drag my feet a little longer than I should.

Gray , red, black and white looking good together!


Even the television blends with the color scheme


The setup for the fifth wheel was becoming very comfortable.  With time, and practice the backing up and connections become more of a second nature. We decided to take a quick weekday trip near our home to enjoy our Hoshi Chao and checkout life on the lake. 

Setup at Cedars Creek State Park


Notice we are now flying our Marine colors ~ OORAH!


Our outside gear worked so well with the lake setting .

The lake is just off in the distance with the geese and ducks our morning visitors



Setting up camp and getting ready for the first evening is so special.  We have started to realize that the first night makes a big impact on your trip.  Focus on what you are wanting to achieve for the evening and work together!! Once we arrive my beautiful adventurer prefers to sort out all of the breakable items that we pack away safely into totes before we travel, while I handle getting the utilities connected, the relaxing gear setup and awning extended.

Getting ready for our first night, seeking romance…


Once you have worked so hard to make a place your own with decorations and paint, you feel such a sense of pride! Nothing that can take that away!!  This project taught us a lot about ourselves, but it gave us something we did together.

Looking back towards the family room, bath and bedroom area


The bedroom area became such a comfortable area that we relax and sleep so well. Find your comfort items that are near and dear, then make certain to include them in your design.   

A few candles, some low lights, and a few pillows


Bathroom area with no changes, doesn’t this photo look rustic with the bad lighting?


Okay, so I am a romantic, and had to photograph the areas with candles instead of lights. Doesn’t it feel nice!!! Now we are all ready for the first night on the lake.  

Watching King of Queens with my baby!!


The counter top extension provided a nice surface for the candles


Who left the fan light on?  


Continuing on with our project means only making it better at this point!!  If you are not up to speed please check out the previous Version of the articles to understand our whole journey from initial purchase to where we are now. Keep reading, there are more versions to come as we keep fine tuning and making it better and better!!

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