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A Unique & Trendy Shop! ~ The Red Barn

For a wonderful and unique coffee shop experience, make your next stop The Red Barn in Greenville, South Carolina. Located at the corner of State Park Road and Beth Drive (across from the Olive Garden) and just a quick hop off Poinsett Highway is a charming and friendly shop that will add a smile to your day!  

With a unique and wide range of options available, from a very enjoyable cup of coffee and pastry, to a place to relax and sit down for a conversation, to shop for all your gaming needs, to check out artwork from local artisans, or to shop for specialty gifts. You need to stop by and check out The Red Barn! 

2016-09-03 17.49.24.jpg

2016-09-03 17.50.33.jpg

Owners Alan and Liesel Blakeborough provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone.  They have been active in the local business scene for the past several years with other business ventures, and you may already know Alan from The Knights of Sienna Fencing Academies.  They are both a positive part of the Greenville business community.

2016-10-06 10.56.48.jpg

Liesel has years of experience helping others through learning to dance and Zumba skills, and from sharing her creativity skills in crafts and artistry.  You will feel this personal touch once you enter The Red Barn. 

2016-10-06 11.05.11.jpg

Comfortable cozy couches and chairs are located throughout, providing you and your friends a place to relax and enjoy the wifi while you sip on your coffee!

2016-10-06 11.06.10.jpg

Creativity is the main theme throughout The Red Barn. An artistic touch is added from local artisans, and specialty gifts are available to meet your needs.  

2016-10-06 11.06.49.jpg

Welcome is how you will most definitely feel.  Take the time to speak with Alan or Liesel when you stop by.  They will always feel like old friends!

2016-10-06 11.07.22.jpg

There is plenty of seating for small groups, couples, or stopping by yourself.  


No need to ever go thirsty or hungry, as there is a wide arrangement of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

2016-10-06 11.08.12.jpg

With the movies next door, and all the shopping possibilities around, this can be an oasis of relaxation when out and about.  Take your next trip around Greenville to the Red Barn.  You will be glad you did!

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