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Catch All the Wild Details!!

It is always so fun to adventure to places where you feel pulled into the experience!   Most major theme parks spend much time and energy focusing on creating unique details to pull you into their “world”.  No one does it wilder than Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom! It opened on Earth Day in 1998 and brought to central Florida a world class wildlife zoo for teaching about the animals, educating about conservation and performing ongoing research to allow these species and others to endure.

The park covers over 580 acres with wildlife exhibits, restaurants, shops, research facilities and various other buildings to provide for each one of us a magical experience. Each building has been designed and built to bring you into the wild animal experience! While running around trying to get from one place to the other, take a moment to look around, and look up.  There are amazing and wild details in every item built for your enjoyment!!

Ladybug street lights adjacent to dancing zebras and giraffes on top of the building.


Giraffes are one of my wife’s favorite animals, they really make her smile!


Elephants, camels, and llamas make up this gutter detail. 


Exotic animals adorn the entrance to this shop.


Butterflies are enjoying their perch on this lamppost.


An ancient buffalo rests in the plants and trees. 


Detailing caries over into the surrounding features such as boats and harbors.


A gorilla stands in front of a Tree of Life symbol. 


Various wild animals are included on this light display in a gift shop.


Buildings are designed and decorated with the African wild theme.


There are six themed Lands in the Park, Asia is one of our favorite for designs! 


The decorations on the doors and wall panels continue each theme.


Extensive detail and time goes into every location.


These photos are just a few examples of the magic designed and installed throughout to create a truly wild experience. What are your favorite decorations and designs?

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