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An incredible view from above Chicago

Located in the 110 story Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in downtown Chicago is an opportunity to see the city in an incredible way!  The Chicago Skydeck is located on the 103rd floor with a view on a clear day that looks out over 50 miles.   Most recently, in 2009 with the renaming of… Continue reading An incredible view from above Chicago

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Our String of Thankful For’s

To Give Thanks can be accomplished in different ways. Last year we chose to sit down and write on strips of construction paper what we were thankful for. It was exciting to find them in among our Thanksgiving decorations. We had listed our Military. That year we did not see our son, who is a… Continue reading Our String of Thankful For’s


When will the tunnel end?

My head ached.  Hard, throbbing, pounding pain.  Slumped over in the back seat of a car.  Whose car is it?  How did I get here?   My last memory was standing outside of the store glancing at the window display waiting for my meeting with Joey.  He was late, as usual, but what just happened?… Continue reading When will the tunnel end?

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Late Autumn Images

If we told you there was a cave under these rocks, would you be curious enough to search for the entrance? If we said there is a sink hole, would you hop up and down on the caved in soft area, or run for your life? Exploring in the woods or wood, is so different… Continue reading Late Autumn Images


What’s out there, it’s a mystery?

What’s under there? Who walked here?  What’s inside those beautiful mountains? Are there caves? Trails undiscovered and treasures not seen? If you are careful and quiet, you can sit for awhile. When you do this, you find, nature is relaxing and nourishes your body, soul and mind. From this time you have taken, you might… Continue reading What’s out there, it’s a mystery?

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Christmas memories around the Fort

Holiday time is here!!  We are so excited to see all the Christmas decorations and to remember great times with family and friends.  One of the warmest, not just because it is located in central Florida, are the times at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in Walt Disney World.  To kick off these holidays, we… Continue reading Christmas memories around the Fort