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Excited to Start the Day!

A late October early morning, taking in the sun’s rays, pondering the day.

2016-10-29 12.59.38.jpg

Not quite ready to move about.

2016-10-29 12.59.45.jpg

Suddenly she spies my movement off the edge of the patio.

2016-10-29 12.59.49.jpg

Excitedly working her way over to meet this friend.

2016-10-29 12.59.53.jpg

Good morning, are you wanting to play?

2016-10-29 13.00.00.jpg

No, maybe you can give me some attention then, and be a good friend.

2016-10-29 13.00.05.jpg

You’re really not going to just stand there, are you?

2016-10-29 13.00.15.jpg

C’mon, lets do something…

2016-10-29 13.00.36.jpg


2016-10-29 13.00.37.jpg

Pretty please…

2016-10-29 13.00.39.jpg

So we sat for a while.  We enjoyed the warmth of this fine morning.  We enjoyed our growing friendship, and gave each other some much appreciated time.  A very wonderful way to start the day!!

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