Bring the Beach Into Your Home!

Repurposing old windows has become a very popular decorating trend.  Windows tell of times past, of memories long ago, and of times not forgotten.  We chose to create a “beach” themed decoration a little while back.  The key was repurposing items from their original use, and creating a window to the beach in our home.

Adorned with shells collected over the years.


Starting out the first part of the project was locating an old window to repurpose.  There are so many renovation projects around us, that did not take long to find.  A little speaking with the superintendent on the site and some careful dumpster digging brought us a real beauty.  Not wanting one that was in perfect condition, rather one that had some bumps and bruises.  The only concern we had was not working with any broken glass or sharp edges from metal parts.  


Traveling to the beach often, and living in Florida for many years, provided us with several glass containers in the house with small, medium and some large sized shells.  Taking the time to let them rinse in a bath and remove any sand and debris was important.  

Then we needed to make an area that allowed plenty of room to sort through the shells and select the right ones.  It was not all about size, but rather the look, texture, shape and color that was more critical in the selection.  

The window was an older wooden window which was very solid, and heavy!!  Our concern was that it needed to be properly supported or may be too much for a standard hanger wire and nail.  So we found two large hooks and some heavy gauge wire so that we could hang it on two supports in the wall.  We used screws and since we are not looking for a true level frame when mounted, they could be installed at somewhat different heights.

Taking our time and hot gluing the shells was a fun time together.  We even decided an old Ron Jon sticker that we found completed the frame nicely!


Shells are wonderful decorating items to work with if you are creating a beach theme.  So much so that we found some netting and decided since we had the glue, let’s create!!  Now the smaller shells are not as visible or effective, but the medium and large shells gave just the right look.

If you are looking to bring some of the feel of the beach into your home, we encourage you to consider repurposing older items, and by all means enjoy the possibilities that shells can create! 

What are some of your favorite repurposing projects? How would you create a beach theme?

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