Lilly had a lover

This is the follow-up poem to Her Key.  Click here to read the first part.

She caught one brother as he walked by to rinse the blood off his hands. She pressed the key to his foot and whispered scratchy words. He looked at her with sorrow filled eyes. They really meant just to protect her, but anger took over in each of their hearts.

Lilly had a lover and found herself in a way. The day of her betrothal was announced abruptly by her five brothers. But, to the man she promised to be with forever, the five had other plans….


As i grab a hold of the big gray cat,

claws come out to tear me apart.

i spin it around and look into it’s eye.

i smile my mamaw lilly’s evil smile.

 i tell the story of why he is a cat.

You and your brothers you took his life.

Lilly’s in the graveyard crying over his head.

Her new husband’s body is lying somewhere dead.

The baby in her stomach is plotting in the womb.

All of you will suffer forever,

terrible doom.

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