A Very Happy Horse!

Let me tell you an exciting story of a very happy horse.  Not long ago, we shared with you the story of the magical carrousel at Walt Disney World inside Magic Kingdom. Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel.  This is the link to that fascinating article. Something you should know about Disney is that there are lots of special hidden features throughout.  Well this magical carrousel is no different!   

It has been told that there is a very special horse on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, though all of them are great! What makes this horse special is to whom the horse belongs. That owner is Cinderella!!  Yes, located on the fifth row back from the starting horses, in the middle of the row sits a strong, white beauty.  

This carrousel is always a crowd pleaser for all ages!


The easiest way to spot Cinderella’s horse is to look for a ribbon tied around the tail. No other horses in the carrousel have one!  

My beautiful adventurer riding a beauty.


This white horse has the yellow ribbon around her tail, so easy to see once you locate her.  Notice all the beautiful colors on the harness such as the pink feathers, silver medallions and red and gold strapping.

The only one with a ribbon around the tail.


It has a beautiful flower arrangement on it’s neck, and just seems to be so happy to be running about.

Do you think it is ready to jump off the carrousel?


Thanks to this wonderful Castmember who gave us a cut through line to be the first to locate Cinderella’s horse.  She reminded us though, that it is only a rumor.  We’ll have to ask Cinderella firsthand, next time we see her.

Always great to have helpful friendly Castmembers!


A fitting pink saddle for my pink loving adventurer.IMG_6538.JPG












Enjoying the two minute ride!


Selfies are not my strong point, but why not try?


There are many different faces on the 90-horses around the carrousel, but I cannot find any happier than these two!


Here is another clue to help you find it.


Next time you are in Magic Kingdom you have to make it a point to ride Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel and find Cinderella’s horse.  It will be a ride you won’t forget!!

Do you like to ride carrousels?  Where are your favorites rides located?

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