Now It’s Real Fun!!! Hoshi Chao V7.0 ~ “Tweaking”

It is definitely real fun now!! Once the major renovations are complete, it is time for fine tuning your traveling home.  This means for us discussing every aspect of our stars nest or Hoshi Chao. Talking about how to improve the cooking, relaxing, bathing, getting ready, laundry, sleeping, and every other thing that we do during our normal day. As I have said before, our goal was to make this feel like a a home away from home.  Having spoke with others who enjoy the trailer experience, not everyone is this way.  They enjoy using their trailer to enjoy a different manner of living contrary to their home.  For us, as we are looking eventually to pull this nest around the country, we wanted a better home all the way around!

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One of the first things we discussed was making out time outside a more enjoyable time with lights that not only lit our path but gave us some enjoyment.  Then we shopped!! This holiday season make it a point to get out and see all the options available now for decorative outdoor lights.  This was a new genre a couple of years ago and look at it now. Our decision came down to functionality ultimately as we wanted something that would last beyond the Christmas holidays as now many of the stores were offering various Christmas decorations.

Our final decision was a multi-colored moving display of lights, no lasers required.

2016-10-13 19.11.49.jpg

This is the white only lighting.

2016-10-13 19.11.57.jpg

This is the blue and white  lighting.

2016-10-13 19.12.03.jpg

There is a green color and white also.

2016-10-13 19.13.01.jpg

My baby’s favorite the red, white and blue!

2016-10-13 19.13.19.jpg

Moving into the interior we are getting better now at decorating the shelving, storage and counter top, it only takes time. Notice the red bar stools ready underneath. Plus the amazing things that time and actual use brings with the storage shelving at the left of the kitchen counter top. This was our third trip out actually and with that it is somewhat funny what items we have not used, though we originally though it was absolutely needed.

After a few times out, a simpler approach is used for the counters or shelves.


We have eliminated some of the clutter in the main area, it is so easy to throw things down when you first come through the door.

The outlet strip mounted behind the television to clean up and make this area simpler.


We found the combination of photos of our children, candles and shells were perfect!


Early in the process we thought that items should be hot glued down.  This proved to be a poor decision as the temperature changes for a trailer, since they are not always with electricity, saw each of the items become unglued!!

One of our rooster statues, nest and candle fit very well on the counter top.


Realizing that the refrigerator was not staying as cool as we needed consistently, we found a person who would be able to repair and bring it up to a solid performance.

There ended up being three items with the fridge requiring replacement.


There were three skylights/vents that needed some help in functioning.  Online we found this solution of an insulated wool and silver reflective material that was sized to infill skylights and vents.  It is always wonderful getting direct sunlight, but we have found for most situations that it made the rooms far too hot, especially in Florida.  The amount of heat that was reduced due to the skylights was very noticeable.  There may be times in the future when we remove these fillers, but for the summer and fall they are wonderful.

A simple solution to insulate, reflect and maintain temperature at skylights/vents.


We determined quickly that a bath mat and shower floor pads were needed to make the shower less slippery and the bathroom area more dry after showers.  Thankfully we found colors for both in our them rather easily.

A coral colored floor mat for the bath area.


We found one of the more useful items for us in the bath area was the installation of a few small hooks with white vinyl coating.  Hand towels, jewelry, hair dryers and the like were much easier to access and hang up out of the way.


1″ small white vinyl coated metal hook solved many a bath area situation.


Relocating a small previous spice rack for bath area needs was golden.  It is so much easier making it feel like home if your daily toiletries are easy to get to each morning.

A small storage rack near the bath sink.


Cleaning of the awning, and the installation of sturdy adhesive tape on the bottom and top along the upper edge made this older material much better for our needs.

The repaired and cleaned awning.


While I am unclear of how Bluetooth actually works, it is a marvelous thing in today’s electronic age.  We purchased a Memorex wireless bluetooth speaker that works with both of our telephones easily.  Playing music at a level much more enjoyable with rechargeable batteries built-in.

Listening to your music whenever and wherever you would like is pure Magic!


On the outside of our Hoshi Chao was a little damaged metal panels.  So wonderful to find a marvelous metal marker to cover the damage with a clever saying.  

Not easy keeping from growing up, while we all grow older each day!


One of the major systems for a trailer is the water system, and most important for making it like home is being able to take a hot shower.  We decided to replace the older original water heater with a newer 10-gallon gas water heater.  Ohhhhhhhhh so nice to feel first thing in the morning.

New water heater fit in the same opening, even though a larger volume!


Dinosaur Electronics has proven to be a wonderful source for outdated electronic parts.  Plus they offer a warranty for three months on many of the items.  Once the three items that required repair or replacement on the fridge, she kept all items cold very consistently.

The control panel for the fridge, new and under warranty.


Now there are a few other outdoor items we take with us when traveling.  They offer a little bit of home, but take up little space.  These include wind chimes and a welcome weather vane.

Our turtle bamboo wind chimes provide wonderful sounds in the breeze.


The original bamboo tropical wind chimes from years past.


Our newer rooster weather vane.


One item we began noticing at each and every camp site was how much of the outside was brought in every time we walked through the door.  This was corrected easily when we found two four foot x five foot mats that easily knocked off any debris before entering our Hoshi Chao.

Two medium sized mats and one small mat make for a clean trailer.


The newly installed water heater cover with the gold paint to match.


Our recently repaired and smooth gliding door separating the bath from the family room area.


A view from the outside of our quaint seating area.


After two semis blasting their extremely loud horn and flashing their lights as they passed us, we put 2 and 2 together=6 new cautionary lights on our back bumper. These should do a better job of lighting us up when the headlights come along.

All items were only a few dollars, but provide such wonderful protection from other drivers.


Always looking for ways to make it better and to feel like a home away from home.  With each adventure we are finding small ways that make it work smoother. Keep reading, more versions will come as we head onto the next adventures. 

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