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Running the Barrels Part I ~ Getting Ready

Adventure is definitely out there!  A couple of weekends past as we traveled around we came across an exciting group of people spending the day racing around barrels!!  The Volunteer State Pinto Organization gathered together on October 29, 2016 to enjoy time watching participants of all age groups and their beautiful horses race around the barrels. Click on their name to access their Facebook page, if you would like more information about the group or upcoming events.  This event was one of many throughout the year giving young and old the chance to enjoy riding their magnificent animals, spending time with one another, and to earn some welcomed prize money.

This is the first part of a four part article series on this fun event.  We met so many great people and took so many photos that we need to break it apart to allow you feel the excitement for yourselves.  Take time to enjoy and just imagine if you were on one of the horses! 

James E. Ward Agricultural Center at Wilson County Fairgrounds main entrance 


The side entrance off Tennessee Boulevard with the main gate closed for construction.


Some of the barrels, preparing for the race (lol).


Once we pulled onto the property, the excitement began to build as we saw the participants and their horses preparing and practicing in the late morning. 

A group of horses in preparation for practice.


We have longed to have a farm and a variety of animals, with horses being one of them.  Seeing so many beautiful horses and watching the owners care for them just made it so special.  You could feel the loving bond formed between them.

A person resting near his horse.


You find all sizes and types of trailers and horses.


The sun warming the skies as a horse looks on.


Nearing the main building for the barrel racing.


Beautiful colors abound in this group!


Some of the horses do not seem to mind, while others keep a wary eye open on me.


More horses awaiting their tack.


A horse awaiting their chance to run.


The side entrance to the Wilson County Exhibition Center.


A lighter colored palomino ready to ride!


Snugging up the straps.


Taking time to groom and care.


There were over two hundred participants in this years event.  The Wilson County Fairgrounds provided lots of space for everyone to spread out ahead of the event.  


There are a few other buildings in this area of the Fairgrounds for smaller livestock, restrooms and concessions.

Turning the corner in between the Horse and Goat buildings.


Several owners brought the whole family to the event, such happy dogs!


Rows and rows of trailers and horses.


A group of people relaxing ahead of practice time in the arena.


The Event Center is an open sided structure allowing easy access for all with great ventilation.


The barrel riding arena with the perimeter fencing and bleachers.


Stay tuned over the next several days as we do our best to share wonderful photos of the people, their horses and the barrel racing event. We had such a wonderful time speaking with several of the participants and learning more about the organization.  There will be the second part of this story in just a few days!!

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