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Who needs a friend?!?

What defines a friend? The dictionary defines it as “a person (or animal) whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”. Earlier this Spring our lives were very busy with many activities and plans. It included wonderful spouse and family relationships, travels, working a full-time position, and plans for the year.  None of which included having a little furry friend outside of my home that needed care.  In fact, if you recall, this was mostly my wife’s idea that we needed to help.

She came into our lives so suddenly, not knowing exactly where she spent most of her time, or slept.  A little kitten at the time that would appear out of nowhere and look so hungry and scraggly.  Here we are not six months later, and we think about this cat, whom we have named Jasmine, early in the morning to make sure she has food and water.  We see her when we pull into the driveway, as she greets us with a friendly ‘meow’ and a request for some attention behind the ears. With the weather getting cooler, our thoughts are turning now as to how best to provide a warm shelter.

Life is full of surprises.  I believe I am mid-way into mine, though I really do not know the end date.  It has been each and every year providing me with both good and bad surprises.  This year, Jasmine has been most definitely one of the best!  While I wasn’t looking for her, I am so thankful we found her (or did she find us?). With the fall weather providing warmer evenings than usual in our part of the country, we have been able to relax for a short while after work and watch the sun fade into the trees.  Jasmine has been there to enjoy them with us.  We have learned that one of us better have room in our lap, because she prefers a choice seat, not one of the lower level ground seats. Who knew we needed such a good friend, for truth be told, we look forward to seeing her as much as she looks forward to seeing us.

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