Vintage Children’s Books

What is the importance of reading to a child? There are many positive benefits from taking the time to open a book and share.  These include the child developing a better ability to learn, the bonding of the time together, helping to improve their communication skills, getting them more open and interested in new experiences, and helping them develop their logic skills (not always easy to develop). For the past several years and decades, we have been started and started our own children with classic storybooks.  Books filled with adventures, excitement, and sometimes a lesson to be learned. Recently we were blessed with three vintage classic books to share forward from a dear friend.

These Vintage Books were given to us from an elderly friend out of the kindness of her heart. Her grandchildren are almost all grown and seeing them sitting in a basket, forgotten, was bothering her. When she asked if we would enjoy having them, we accepted with many thanks. 

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Let us start with The Real Mother Goose. We might have in a memory from long ago,  a plump white goose with a blue bonnet on her head? Or, maybe she was a tall thin woman with a pointed hat and equally pointed nose riding a goose around the yard? Might she be a larger woman with children all around her, listening to her stories all day long? 

Poems, verses, songs, or jingles? Fables to teach us right from wrong? Dramatic tales that as a young child we try to understand or believe that a bird called a snipe could really fly away with his pipe. 

Stemming from so long ago, the 17th century, Mother Goose flew actually into England from France. These true and/or make believe stories were thankfully translated into English in 1729.

Upon opening the book, we not only recognized pictures from our childhood, but also tales that we have recited ourselves and to our children and their children. On the first page, which after introductions and the index, is page 11 there is familiars like Little BO-PEEP, LITTLE BOY BLUE, and Rain! Who hasn’t walked outside and said, “Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day! Of course, along the way we lost the last line which reads Little Johnny wants to play. Page 14 has OLD MOTHER GOOSE and tells how she likes to wander and rides through the air on a very fine gander. There is PAT-A-CAKE that we remember marking with a B for baby and me 🙂

We could keep going, but we would need more time in a day. Although, we might of had to look up the definition for a moppet, and where is Pippen Hill, and have you read about Jenny Wren? Mother Goose compiled so long ago, but each of us probably has some that we still hold dear to our hearts. 

So, we can give special Thank You’s to anyone and everyone that has and continues to keep them alive!

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The Bumper Book is ours to share with you. It says it is A Harvest of Stories and Verses. Edited by Watty Piper and illustrated by Eulalie. Platt & Munk, Publishers, New York.

Upon reading about this collection of stories, many used to cherish it and are searching for a copy to read to their family.

Two pages that made us smile were 46 & 47. They show a young girl doing different chores for each day of the week.  Called-The WEEK’S CALENDAR. She made us think of our moms who lived each and every day with their orderly schedules. They kept us all on precise track! 

Not only are there beautiful colored pages, but stories that are so warm, sweet, and make you want to snuggle up with your little one’s before they drift asleep. WYNKEN BLYNKEN AND NOD for example is first.

Pictures of little kittens and rabbits dressed in bonnets and dresses or hats and jackets. ANIMAL CRACKERS for supper.

Children on their knees praying! Teaching us to count to 10. The Alphabet showing large letters with a few pictures that show what each one starts with.

The monkeys that never learn in THE MONKEY’S HOUSE. Stories in between, that we remember the pictures, then you see THE GARDEN YEAR which tells you about what should happen each month.

THE GINGHAM DOG AND THE CALICO CAT.  Ending with THE WORLD, inviting us to learn more.

2016-10-26 19.12.48.jpg2016-10-26 19.12.50.jpg

We come down to one of our favorite collections, A Treasury of Little Golden Books. Holding 48 Best-Loved Stories. We can not agree more! Even as adults, we get excited to see the binding that shows it is a Golden Book.

THE POKY LITTLE PUPPY is first and that is fine! THE ANIMALS OF FARMER JONES showed beautiful pictures of the animals on his farm. TOOTLE. THE TAXI THAT HURRIED. SCUFFY THE TUGBOAT. THE SAGGY BAGGY ELEPHANT (always felt bad for his saggy baggy behind) 🙂 We didn’t remember NOISES and MR. FLIBBERTY-JIB but,  found we were rather fond of it. 

We stop here, because it being so full of favorites, we have decided to share a few more with you  with pictures from the pages another time. When you go shopping or pass a yard sale, you just might pick up A Little Golden Book. PLEASE share with us!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Children’s Books

  1. What an absolutely lovely gift! I had The Real Mother Goose book as a child… I believe it was passed down to me by family members. I just wrote a post about my daughter discovering a handful of vintage children’s books. Such a wonderful thing!


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