The Joy of Making & Giving ~ Gift Baskets

In October, we decided to make a Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Basket. We painted our basket a light pink and made a Breast Cancer Pink Sequined Ribbon. We filled it with nail polish remover, cotton pads, bright pink nail polish, an emery board, a pink loofah, Breast Cancer pink and white socks, lotion, and a small pink zippered bag. 

We planned to drive to Easley, South Carolina, to visit our best friends. Hand deliver our basket and help out at the Grand Opening at their new store, The Red Barn.  

 We had so much fun making our first gift basket together, that we decided to try our hand at creating more!


Halloween was quickly approaching, and we took a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to create a Wicked Creation! We found black stemmed roses, a small lace covered top hat, an eye mask, black and white spider ribbon, and a small web to paint and the perfect word, Wicked, to paint red.

While we were there, we went ahead and did a little shopping for other gift ideas we were coming up with. We had a large glass vase we did not want anymore and we filled the bottom with a bag of Halloween candy that we bought from Walmart. Then we arranged our purchases on top and spilling out and wrapped it up in red cellophane paper and tied the spider web ribbon around to secure the whole spooky mess. 

This is Romance. A sensual evening is all wrapped up in this dark chocolate brown basket with handles on the sides. The couple can enjoy Sparkling Grape Juice out of gold-rimmed champagne glasses and chocolate cannoli’s. A lavender bubble bath with a soft loofah and red candles in black and gold votives (lighter included). Tied off with a sexy bow and mini chalkboard with hearts, kisses, and hugs ❤ 


The Fall Basket is a country basket purchased at a yard sale. We found her sitting on a table holding two other baskets. We filled her with a small clean bale of hay from Walmart. Inside we placed a hanging pumpkin-shaped plaque that reads the bible verse from Joshua 24:15 As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Then we added some small friendly pumpkins that can be placed in your kitchen. Then you can fill the air with the aroma of pumpkins as you bake Perfectly Pumpkin cupcakes (cupcake papers fall theme included), icing them and enjoying with family and friends. The bow was fun to make and simple because of the wire running along the edges. 


Our next basket is all about the kitchen and the theme is one of my favorites. Roosters and the color red! The basket was plain and needed a spray of red, then add some hay to fill the bottom for cushion. Rooster mug, tea towels, red oven mitt,muffin mixes, red, and black and white muffin cups, mini red spatula and spoon,corn bread mix with cast iron cornstick pan,and two beautiful rooster plates…..I fell in love xoxoxo But, this is a gift basket, so we wrapped her in red cellophane and tied with burlap rope. Put an adorable little hen on her nest plaque on the front and sent her on.


Spa treatment was awesome to assemble. We painted this little basket a pretty sky blue (this is one of the little baskets we found at the yard sale). Then we added an ice bag, little blue and beige wash cloths, some expensive hand wash and lotion in a wire basket. Some votives, but our favorite was a ceramic sea turtle with potpourri inside! I kept hold of the turtle not wanting to part with him.  


Christmas is so much fun to give someone a gift basket. This is our Christmas candle basket. Gold glitter on the outside and in, with green filler to cushion the breakables. A few poinsettia glass votives with red and white votive candles. Tapered red candles, an Apple shaped wire basket that opens filled with potpourri and cinnamon sticks on top. An old-fashioned Christmas shaped candle, red snowflake shaped, and little red ball ornaments for your tree, and a (I wanted to keep it) red poinsettia candle holder for a large apple cinnamon candle in glass. We saw a cozy little family room, Christmas music playing, candles glowing, tree lit, and a couple relaxing drinking their sparkling grape juice out of their gold-rimmed champagne glasses!

2016-10-24 14.19.30.jpg

Just turned on Christmas music…Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Frank Sinatra from 1950…This Christmas basket held some very special vintage ornaments. Ceramic Marching Band filled with Apple Cinnamon Liquid Potpourri (potpourri included). So fragile and precious. An old-fashioned boys rocking horse made out of horse hair, a small red and white stocking filled with red tapered candles. Red bows and gold glittered plant filler cushioned them as they traveled. Wrapped in green and tied with black ribbon with white flying reindeer. 

2016-10-24 17.59.39.jpg

We have always loved to decorate an area in our home with a display of Snowmen. We present a small silver basket filled with four different snowmen to start your snowy season. Four mugs with a hint of warmth-Decorated Palm Trees on the front. And a few felt tree and heart, and blue silver glitter ball ornaments. 

2016-10-24 17.46.40.jpg

Enjoy some of our gift basket ideas! Enjoy being creative making your own for family and friends! 

2016-10-24 18.03.13.jpg

Top them with beautiful bows. Enjoy designing for fall and Christmas. 

2016-10-24 18.00.12.jpg

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